Welcome To Bend's Big Fat Tour 2013.

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Regrettably, there will be no BBFT in 2013.

(It's like one of those skyscrapers without a 13th floor)

Note: The "No Whiners" Policy is still in full effect...

Please check back here for 2014 and beyond...

Thanks to participants, volunteers, sponsors and organizers! BBFT 2012 was great!

A huge thanks goes to our amazing Sponsors especially Subaru of Bend, 92/9FM and Deschutes Brewery!

"The weather shines on the Prepared." A.K.A - There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.

"You might leave tired but you won't leave hungry"

Conceived in 1994 by long time Bend-local, Mountain Bike Hall Of Fame Inductee and current COTA Vice-Chairman Paul Thomasberg as a non-competitive event that gives back to the community. The BBFT offers several options of guided and well-designed courses with full support so that participants can truly find and test their limits of endurance. Completing the entire "Epic" route earns the rider a coveted "No Whiners" patch of honor. Join us for the BBFT each year in mid-October for an unforgettable mountain biking experience. Every year the BBFT (a tax-exempt organization) donates a large portion of it's proceeds to COTA and other local, cycling-oriented charities. Come join your friends this Fall in Bend when the riding is the best. Please leave your GPS, cycle computer, HR monitor, etc. at home - It's not a race, It's about the ride and the BBFT is a "No Whiners" event.

This poem best sums up the event:


by Paul Thomasberg - BBFT Founder

Why sign up for this ride of attrition?
Camaraderie, effort, not competition

60 plus miles of sweet single track!
Gnarly sections, be careful don't stack

The sun glistening on snow through the trees
Pace yourself carefully, it's not a breeze

High alpine meadows, swift flowing streams
Finish this ride, it'll give you sweet dreams

Your mind gets euphoric after miles of trail
Tunnel vision comes, you're riding a rail

Challenge yourself and settle the score
Heighten your senses like never before

When you get to the park the end is near
Just three more miles to burritos and beer

Train for endurance and get ready to ride
Doing the Epic fills your soul with great pride.

Beneficiaries of the

2011 Bend's Big Fat Tour are:

The Central Oregon Trail Alliance (C.O.T.A.)

    Received $3500 from the BBFT

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Oregon

    We donated $2500 to continue their mountain bike program!
Thanks BBFT Participants for keeping kids biking!

Bend Community Bike Shed

    BBFT gave $500 to this worthy local charity for purchasing tools and parts.

Thank you for supporting these excellent local organizations by participating in
the Bend's Big Fat Tour!


Bend's Big Fat Tour is an equal opportunity recreation provider under
Special Use Permit from the Deschutes and Ochoco National Forests.

2012 BBFT Logo Designed by Russ Risdon